Non-Destructive Testing

INTERCON provides the full spectrum of  NDT/NDE methods, from the traditional to the most advanced, in accordance with industry, government, military, code authority and client requirements.

These methods  provide the basis for most inspections of industrial infrastructure, safety critical parts, equipment, and fabricated components.    

We believe the successful execution of these services results from:

Well trained technicians that understand both the method of inspection and the nature of the environment they are working.

Subject matter experts that can support technicians with a broad base of knowledge and experience.

An understanding of relevant procedures, industry codes and standards that prescribe how inspections are to be performed and/or special considerations to be employed.

Equipment that is up-to-date, properly calibrated and equipped for the material to be examined.

Safe work practices controlling the execution of the work and a safety culture that ensures the practices are followed.

A quality system that works to standardize the execution of the service with consistently repeatable results.

INTERCON's NDT/NDE services are supported by an organization with comprehensive programs for safety, technical training, quality, subject experts, and information management systems  that are detailed throughout our site.